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Department of Civil Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College-Unjha

Motivational Lecture

The expert lectures are arranged to enrich the students with the knowledge in their respective subjects and to provide them latest sufficient information related to technical field.








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Every Wednesday Extra curricular activities Civil Faculty Member ML14 Download
05/09/2018 Enjoy your Life Fully Mr. Sureshbhai Patel 500 ML11 Download
09/03/2018 Motivational Workshop Mr. Viki M. Modi 45 ML Download
13/01/2018 Motivational Workshop Ms. Gangotriben Indumatiben 45 ML Download
11/09/2017 Young India, New India Mr. Narendra Modi 110 ML10 Download
31-1/09/2017 Gandhi Katha Kumar Prashant 250 ML09 Download
23/10/2016 Development Without Destruction P. V. Rajagopalaji 150 ML12 Download
23-25/09/2016 Preparation for Professional Life Ashish Soni 389 ML11 Download
3-5/10/2015 Motivational Lecture & C2C Session Dr. Mehul Thakkar 202 ML08 Download
04/07/2015 Chhu Lo Asmaan Jc. Dipika Mehta 101 ML07 Download
30/01/2015 Senior Student’s Experience Mr. Karpit patel 307 ML06 Download
07/04/2015 Becoming a better Professional Dr. Mehul G. Thakkar 313 ML05 Download
08/04/2015 Campus 2 Corporate(C2C) Dr. Mehul G. Thakkar 220 ML04 Download
10/02/2015 Vyagtigat Vikas Shri Mamataben Rami 300 ML03 Download
24/03/2015 Rube Goldberg Machine(Chain Reaction) Sunny Bijani, Sanny Patel 270 ML02 Download
14/10/2014 Personality Development & "Can Do" Outlook Dr. Mehul G. Thakkar 325 ML01 Download