Field Training Award

Department of Civil Engineering

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Smt. S. R. Patel Engineering College- Dabhi

Field Training Award

Students go for field training twice, once between 5th and 6th semester and next between 6th and 7th semesters. Students take up various projects during fie ld training which are supervised by internal and external guide, and evaluation sheet is provided for each student. Depending upon the evaluation of the guide regarding the students' performance, awards are given to first three scorers (First Rs.5000/-. Second Rs.3000/-, Third Rs.2000/-) in each department each semester.

Year Name Rank Prize
2018 Patel Kunj 1st 3000/-
Patel Smit 2nd 2000/-
Parmar Ajaysinh 3rd 1000/-
2017 Patel Nirav 1st 3000/-
Karnavat Kalpesh 2nd 2000/-
Patel Priya 3rd 1000/-
2016 Patel Savan 1st 5000/-
Patel Palak 2nd 3000/-
Patel Brijesh 3rd 2000/-
2015 Patel Vaibhavkumar R. 1st 5000/-
Patel Virenkumar R. 2nd 3000/-
Patel Mihil R. 3rd 2000/-
2014 Siddharth Patel 1st 5000/-
Vivek Patel 2nd 3000/-
2013 Patel Hiren 1st 5000/-
Bhavsar Chintan 2nd 3000/-
Ptel Meet 3rd 2000/-
2012 Patel Mayank 1st 5000/-
Patel Brijesh 2nd 3000/-
Chauhan Krunal 3rd 670/-
Chad Jagdish 3rd 670/-