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Dr. Ami H. Shah

(1) Overview

Dr. Ami H. Shah is presently working as a HOD of Civil Engineering department at Smt. S R Patel Engineering College Unjha since Feb-2011. She has around 22 years of teaching experience and 1.5 year of industrial experience. Dr. Shah is a recipient of GTU Pedogogical award-2011 awarded by GTU innovation Council. She was also involved in government funded projects during M. Tech and Ph.D. Study. She has published good number of research papers in National and International Journals.

(2) Area of Interest

Road Safety, Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering

(3) Education

Ph.D. (Transportation Engineering) from IIT Roorkee M.Tech. (Transportation Engineering) from IIT Bombay B.E. (Civil Engineering) from DDIT, Nadiad.

(4) Professional Experience

Dr. Shah is presently serving as a head of the department (Civil) at Smt. S R Patel Engineering College (Unjha) since Feb. 2011. She has professional experience of 22 years.

(5) Research

Dr. Shah has published/presented various technical papers in international/national journals and conferences. She has attended many faculty development programmes. Also she has attended various seminars and workshops. She has been actively involved as a coordinator and co-cordinator in various national level programs and seminars organized at institute. Dr. Shah has also delivered expert talks organized at various institutes .

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Dr. Ami H. Shah
Principal and Head of Department
Civil Department